Vedic Wisdom for Self-Healing

September 22-24, hosted by Evolve to Harmony in Omaha, Nebraska 
– Friday 6 to 9 pm
– Saturday 10 to 5 pm
– Sunday 9 to 3 pm

The Vedic texts are the foundation of Yoga, Ayurveda, Astrology and so much more. This wisdom, practiced for more than 8,000 years, can guide not just daily living practices; but also offer insight on architecture and much more.

Join Maria for an illuminating weekend to learn and understand the practical application of this knowledge to bring balanced health, harmonious living with purposeful action.

Weekend Participation:
• 3 Yoga practice class themed to highlight the teachings of the day
• Vedic principles to organize and guide the whole of life
• Ayurvedic practices for internal beauty, digestive support and health
• Learn and Integrate teachings of Jyotisha (astrology) and Vastu (architecture) within daily living
• Understand how to bring this wisdom to life and apply it within

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