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ABHYANGA: A Self Love Practice

In Sanskrit, the the root language of both Yoga and Ayurveda, the word Sneha has various meanings. It is not a popular word like Prana, but it should be!  Sneha means oiliness, unctuousness, smoothness, glossiness, tenderness, love, moisture and fluidity.  In Yoga, when we flow in a state of complete breath consciousness our body oozes the qualities of Sneha  and in Ayurveda it is the very concept that supports Ojas (vitalitiy), luster, shine and strength.

A nourishing and delectable self-love practice that Ayurveda highly recommends is the application of copious amounts of oil all over the body known as Abhyanga.  This oiling is loving and tenderness that our skin and whole being needs to undue the harsh, rough and hyper-mobile qualities of our life. By applying warm, fortifying oil slowly and rhythmically massaged Ayurvedic Oil into the body as a self-care practice is critical for maintaining glowing skin, stamina and vitality. Click here for complete Abhyanga Instructions!

Looking for the perfect abhyanga to use for your practice, Banyan Botanical’s Daily Massage Oil is one of the best! It is balancing for vata, pitta, and kapha, good for complex constitutions and imbalance and rejuvenates the body. This blend not only supports the physical body but also calms and steadies the mind with brahmi (gotu kola) and bhringaraj. Finally, the oil is also pleasing, soothing, and revitalizing to the senses and spirit with a light hint of lemon verbena and lavender. Check it out here!

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